TPA sites look and feel like traditional street posters

TPA provide affordable city centre, council approved poster sites in Glasgow. An amazing cost effective opportunity especially when compared to traditional outdoor offerings and other mainstream media.

TPA street posters attract and engage the usually hard to reach mobile city centre audience

Our sites are positioned at key locations offering excellent coverage and distribution. The posters are well spaced ensuring cut through and we go for quality over quantity. All our sites are regularly maintained and we offer flexible weekly posting. We dont go in for rows and rows of endless poster runs.

TPA street posters will immediately raise your company profile with your target market

Outdoor delivers a high impact message at close quarters. Your brand being seen repeatedly around town will instantly increase credibility and help to raise awareness levels. It's tried and tested and importantly... it works.

TPA street posters are always working, 24/7

Street posters are unavoidable. There is no getting away from them. They can't be switched off, skipped or zapped. Your message is there 24/7. In total running campaign time no other media comes close.

TPA have over 25 years experience in the poster advertising business

We have always believed in the power of outdoor. Since we started working with TPA we are now getting an even better response and at a significantly reduced cost. Definitely a win win situation for us.
- Andrew MacKinnon, Mail Boxes Etc
TPA have been such an important factor in the life of the Arches' marketing strategy. The service they provide is not only of high quality and good value, but truly consistent, with posters always appearing when anwhere they have been booked. Other poster display companies have let us down many times in the past but never TPA! Their communication is always excellent as well, with prompt responses to queries and bookings. Our customers often quote the posters they've spotted on the street as their source of information about an event, be it a gig, theatre show or club night, so we know it works.
- Niall Walker, The Arches
TPA's comprehensive city centre coverage gets our message in front of our target market 24/7. The posters are unmissable and have helped drive new customers to our website. We are delighted with the results.
- Christopher Johnston, Fitness Frontier